You are welcome to drive yourself to the event if you would prefer to do so instead of flying out. If you require reimbursement for gas/mileage, you will need to submit the following information within 1 week (7 days) of the last day of the event:

  • All gas receipts accrued during trip to event location and then back. 
    • These should be scanned and submitted as attachment in a help ticket for reimbursement request. 
    • This does NOT include any gas receipts accrued during your time at the event. We provide transportation for all players while they are here, and will not reimburse for any gas/mileage you accrue if you choose not to utilize provided transportation, and drive yourself to/from the hotel/studios, or anywhere else you may go around the area.
  • Full home address or full address of your origin location you will be driving from/returning to. 
    • This is how we will calculate mileage, and rate for reimbursement.