Yes, Skillshot will reimburse you for flights that you book yourself. Please note however that Skillshot will only reimburse you for up to the amount that it would have cost us to book your flight for the event. If you are able to book a flight for yourself that is less than what it would have cost us to book your flight, we will only reimburse you for what you spent on your flight. We also do not reimburse for any add-ons or extras, such as upgraded seats, insurance, checked bags, etc.

In order to be reimbursed for a flight you book yourself, you will be required to submit a full flight itinerary which shows all of your flight details, as well as the full price breakdown for your flight. You will also be required to have a tax form submitted for that calendar year in order to have the reimbursement processed. We will only reimburse in USD, and can only send reimbursements to a PayPal account.