As a minor, you do not necessarily need an adult to accompany you, unless your parent/guardian requires it. This rule differs depending on the airline. If you are a minor and feel you may not be permitted to fly on your own, please submit a help ticket explaining the issue, and we will research this for you. Please submit a help ticket.

If your parent/guardian requires that you be accompanied by an adult, then we will look into finding another player over the age of 18, who is flying from the same airport as you, so that we can book you both together. However, if there are no other players flying from the same airport as you, then unfortunately there is nothing that we can do. Our only other option is having a player over the age of 18 meet you at your gate when you arrive, to escort you through the airport.

If your parent/guardian would like to accompany you themselves, please note that we will not book their flight for them, nor will we reimburse them for their flight. We will only pay for your flight, or will only reimburse for the cost UP TO what we would have paid for the round trip flight we would have booked you on.