If you are traveling within the United States, you can fly without a driver's license or passport IF you are a minor, AND a parent/guardian is accompanying you. However, even though you can do this as a minor, we do suggest you have some sort of identification in your possession. We also do not recommend flying without a passport, driver's license, or state issued ID card, as security can be difficult at times, and having some form of state or government issued ID will make travel much easier for you. 

If you are traveling internationally, you CANNOT travel without a valid passport. Skillshot strongly recommends obtaining a passport immediately! In some instances, a visa is also required for some international travel. Skillshot will provide letters to assist players in obtaining a visa, but it is the players responsibility to request a visa letter from Skillshot, and to be aware of visa requirements in regards to their respective countries, and the country they will be traveling to. 

If you are not a minor, and you are traveling within the United States, you MUST have some form of accepted identification to travel. This includes a passport, driver's license, government ID, or state issued ID card. Skillshot also requires you submit a picture of your ID as part of your player travel profile. Skillshot will not book a flight until you have provided proof of valid identification needed to travel. 

Again, Skillshot strongly recommends all players obtain a passport immediately, to prevent any future issues, or delays in booking travel. Please note, that if you do not have it by the deadline for flights to be booked, Skillshot will not book travel for you.